That dreaded moment when something goes wrong and your guitar needs some tender care
Here at LLS we are happy to carry out work on your stringed instrument, we provide a professional service and your instrument will be in the best of hands. These services are not just limited to repairs and set-ups, we can also offer customisation and restoration to new and vintage models. The price list below is a general guide but we can be more accurate upon inspection. There is no charge to inspect an instrument but we would appreciate you calling first for an appointment. Price List : these are minimum starting prices.
Lagan Lutherie School - 8 Glenford Way, Newtownards, BT23 4BX Tel : 07718-972657
LLS Repair & Custom Shop
We carry out many more types of repair than listed above, please contact us for more information.
Fret Dress Refret Replacement Nut Replacement Saddle Pickup Fitting Fit Bridge Doctor Broken Headstock Refinish £40    £100  (unbound)    £130  (bound)  £30  £20  £50  (price does not include pickup system)  £80  (solution for bellied up soundboard)  £60  £120  (soundboard)  £200  (body)  £80  (neck)